Data Policy

By using the service you are agreeing to be bound by this following Data Policy ("Policy") which will attest to the use of data in the running and governing of the service offered by Data Pipelines ("Data Pipelines"), (the "Service").

Data - All information submitted to and collected by Data Pipelines. Definitions extend to cover those of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, 2018).

Under GDPR definition, Data Pipelines is a “Data Controller” in that we preside over certain collected data in order to provide the Service.

Data Pipelines is also a “Data Processor” as the core function of the Service is to process, (extract, transform and load) the data belonging to its users between their (the user’s) systems.

1. Data Practice

• You, the user, are solely responsible for the content and security of all your data inside of Data Pipelines and the Service.

• Data Pipelines accepts no responsibility for the loss or irreparable modification of any data used in conjunction with the Service and its features. This is in reference to the data attached to Data Connections but extends to all data used by the user in the Service.

• You are personally and solely responsible in keeping your information and your password secure.

2. Data Collection

Data Pipelines collects data about users of the Service and website visitors via via onsite forms and data collection tools such as Google Analytics. For more information, please read our Web Privacy & Cookie Policy.

Data Pipelines collects usage data to improve the Service, this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pipeline structure
  • Types of data connection
  • Schedule timings
  • Schedule and runtime errors
  • Server load metrics

Whilst using Data Pipelines you will encounter previews of your data within the pipeline builder. This is to illustrate the effect of the Service’s tools upon your datasets and is not indicative of any changes to the original data connections. This is achieved through the caching of a specified number of rows from the data connections. This data preview data is held securely with the rest of the pipeline data until a new preview is generated or until the pipeline is deleted. The Data Pipelines cannot access this cached data.

3. Data Connections

A Data Connection is any readable and writable dataset  that the user connects to or creates within the Data Pipelines service using the tools provided. Data Pipelines is not responsible or liable for the quality, consistency or security of any Data Connections that the user creates or manages. The presence of third party integrations for use with Data Connections in no way reflects any endorsement by Data Pipelines towards any third-party.

4. Data Retention

Data Pipelines stores user authentication information alongside user attribute data that is offered up by the user during sign up or subsequent requests for data.

Data Pipelines does not store the data from Data Connections, they remain in their respective platforms until a pipeline is run at which point the data is processed through the Service and loaded into any target Data Connections that have been specified by the user. During this process the data is distributed throughout the analytics engine that sits on Data Pipelines’ servers but is in constant motion, never resting in intermediary storage belonging to Data Pipelines or any other entity.

When an account is closed, all user data and pipeline data is removed from our systems. Accounts will be closed automatically and any associated organisations removed after 18 months of inactivity.

5. Authentication

Data Pipelines operates an OAuth2 system for the handling of user authentication at sign up, login and whilst using the Service. This standard means industry standard security for all users that meets US & EU regulations alongside all relevant ISO 9000 quality management specifications.

End of Data Policy.

Thank you for reading our Data Policy, you may contact Data Pipelines by email at with any questions.