This is how to connect Amazon S3 to Google Sheets

Use Data Pipelines to connect S3 to Google Sheets & schedule data to feed reports.

Google Sheets has rapidly become a viable, free alternative to Microsoft Excel whilst Amazon's Simple Storage Service or 'S3' has become an industry standard for scalable data storage.

The video below demonstrates in under 4 minutes how you can use Data Pipelines to connect data between these two systems and schedule fully automated reports.


  1. Create your Project
  2. Add your S3 and Google Sheet data connections
  3. Create a new pipeline and load in your S3 data
  4. Transform your data as needed using the inbuilt SQL tools
  5. Point your new dataset towards your Google sheet, set a schedule and test it
  6. Enjoy seemless, unlimited data flows between S3 & your Google Sheet

Data Pipelines includes many other connectors & comes with 60 minutes of complimentary processing time each month. This tutorial took up only a few seconds of processing time.

Thanks for reading!