Mainstream Data and Data Pipelines

Mainstream Data needed a data solution to work across their entire client base, in Data Pipelines that's what they found.

Mainstream Data - - has been providing digital asset management websites, content delivery, and custom software to information companies worldwide since 1985. With clients in every continent and end-users in over eighty countries, Mainstream Data is a market leader in their sector.

The Challenge

Mainstream Data provide most of their clients with their flagship, off the shelf product that is designed to be configured for each customer. However, as reliance on the product grew, so did the need for bespoke customer reports in dashboards and simple and .csv formats.

Mainstream responded by building custom reporting capabilities on a client-by-client basis taking up precious internal and client resources.

Specifically, Mainstream needed to:

  • Send reports from their product databases to a vast array of client databases and formats
  • Aggregate data from across different databases and cloud storage platforms to deliver actionable insight
  • Cleanse and refine data for reports
  • Halt expensive custom development

The Solution

The team at Data Pipelines onboarded Mainstream's staff in a matter of hours and within 3 days they had a series of pipelines built in-platform using our connectors and no-code tools with daily, weekly and monthly schedules.

Mainstream data also take advantage of our API triggering where certain interactions with their web products - such as a customer sign up - triggers a job to run, this allows for more dynamic pipeline automation beyond just standard scheduling.